Sonja is an equine welfare advocate and a yoga instructor. Her passion for understanding horses, nature, bodymind, and movement drives her explorations within the topics. The interest and fascination for her come from the interrelatedness of it all. In her texts, she questions traditions and opens discussions for curiosity, both in the equine and in the human worlds. 

Katarina is an equine cognitive scientist offering various Equine Assisted Interventions. She has been trained in EAGALA and Learning Animals program Equine Cognition, and Human Development. Also, she is a certified mindfulness instructor, and currently works on a Master in Cognitive Sciences. Besides, she educates people on equines, equine-human interaction, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, and trauma. Her passion is researching and spreading knowledge on equine cognition, equine-human interaction and trauma, as well as offering treatment and support for traumatised people.