Koniks in Popielno PolandHEAR is a methodology MiMer Centre has developed and which we work with when we give our courses, trainings, and workshops on rewilding.

Shortly explained it is a way of working with EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) and EATIC (Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care – also a methodology developed by MiMer), that we use on our course where we work with humans and horses in wilder settings, and where the horses are feral or semi-feral. At times we host preparatory courses in a more domesticated environment, as a step before moving out into wilder settings.

To use HEAR you need knowledge about rewilding, rewilding processes, ecopsychology, facilitation skills and equine science. In our mix we have also added nature assisted mindfulness and expressive arts.

All components are there to support a rewilding process for humans. That later on can be applied to rewild horses or the environment of horses and humans.

You can learn about HEAR in our training programs. At our Rewild your Heart workshops you can experience it for yourself.

HEAR will be offered as a training module. It will require you to both take part in a Rewild your Heart workshop and to take our Rewild your Heart intro course online + an online module in facilitation skills as well as an in-person training in EAL/EATIC facilitation.

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