grazing in shadeMimer's Trust is a trust set up to help fund much-needed research on, foremost equines, human-equine interactions, and Equine Assisted Interventions.

Purpose of the trust

The trust shall work towards spreading knowledge and support research and education within the following areas: animals, animal-human interaction, animal-assisted activities for humans, with a special focus on equines and therapeutic interventions for humans.

To accomplish this mission

The trust shall distribute monetary funds to research, education or knowledge spreading educational projects which support the trust's purpose and mission.
Monetary funds are gathered and paid in through voluntary work, donations and grants.

Who can apply?

Everybody can apply for the trust's funds to support their research, education or knowledge spreading educational projects, there will be no discrimination based on age, gender or race.

Applicants need to agree to be working to support the trust's purpose and mission and apply for monetary means per the trust's instructions. The board of the trust will decide which projects monetary means will be distributed based on the application.

Once a year, once the trust has gathered enough means, Mimer's Trust is accepting applications for monetary funds from anyone how strives to enhance the understanding of equines, human-equine interaction and equine-assisted activities.