Human observing in the woodsA Science-Based AND Open Minded Online Introductory Course on Rewilding of Humans, Horses, and their Environments. Including HEAR - Human-Equine Assisted Rewilding (EAL with feral/semi-feral living horses).

Heading out into the "wild" is often an expensive endeavor and perhaps also a somewhat scary one. We offer you a possibility to get to know more, discuss rewilding related topics, read, and talk about what you have read and discovered so far.

Join us and get inspired. And find out where you want to go – what you want to do - if you are thinking about going on a Rewilding trip.

It is also of course, a course for those of you who have already been "out there" - to keep learning and planning future Rewilding adventures!

Rewilding is not only for the wild – it can be done "at home" too. Everything that brings us closer to nature – is in some sense "rewilding".

We offer you an 8-week online course – where each week has a topic. The course contains suggested reading (books and articles) and links to videos and films. We will pick and choose from this vast material - according to everyone's interests.

Rewilding is a huge topic – and one of the things we will bring up, is the rewilding of ourselves, as well as the environment – without these 2 pillars – it will become hard to maintain and support wild, feral, rewilded horses, other animals (or beings) or even rewilding efforts at home.

We also talk about the steps in rewilding – where to start?

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