With your registered sign-up/application to any provided workshop/training, seminar etc., you accept our general conditions. Sing-ups/applications can also be submitted electronically and are therefore valid without a written signature. By signing up/sending in your application either by mail or via electronic submission we will accept your sign-up/application, and a binding contract is formed. 


Trainings, workshops, seminars etc. (education)

Due to the nature of some of our workshops and trainings, all clients must disclose any pertinent medical information at the time of booking, to ensure their safety in potentially remote areas, this includes; any allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, hearing problems, pregnancy, mobility difficulties, and heart/lung conditions etc. Clients must also be sufficiently fit to complete the advertised event within the advertised time.

Only after payment has been received will your place be reserved for you. € 100,- of the registration fee is non-refundable. Registrations are accepted on a first-come-first served basis.

Cancellations need to be made in writing. If a workshop/training/seminar is cancelled within 30 days of signing up, but no later than a month before the event, all paid fees are returned within 30 days minus the € 100,- non-refundable part of the fee. We regret that NO refunds can be given in the final month preceding a workshop/training/seminar. When someone from the waiting list can substitute, credit toward future workshops/trainings/seminars may be given.

If person other than registered person attends a workshop/training/seminar etc instead of self, an additional € 50,- fee is due. Workshops/trainings/seminars are to be paid in the indicated currency for the workshop/training/seminar you have signed up for and wired into provided account, or paid via PayPal, or according to other given instructions. Incoming wiring fees are to be paid by registering participant.

The risk with currency exchange is transferred to the registering party – we will not be responsible for fluctuations in currency exchange when returning funds. If fees are to be returned, wiring fees will be covered by the registering person. No other claims can be made.

The workshop/training/seminar will be provided according to set guidelines and objectives. If participants leave a workshop/training/seminar for any reason, no claims for refund for unused portion can be made. Instructions are to be followed at all times.

If the workshop/training/seminar has to be cancelled due to our own doing, all already paid fees will be reimbursed. No other claims beyond that can be made against us. We reserve the right to provide a substitute qualified trainer to conduct advertised workshops, trainings, and seminars. A change in trainers/educators does not entitle participants to get reimbursed for their fees.

We will occasionally cancel/postpone/re-arrange certain events if weather conditions are forecast to be potentially dangerous or unsuitable on for example our (Rewild(ing) events, and would severely impact our possibility to view wildlife, due to e.g., weather warnings for high winds, lightning storms, and/or heavy precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, hail storms). We will not cancel events in the event of “normal” weather variations, so waterproofs and suitable footwear are strongly recommended! Please read our suggested ‘What to bring’ list to be prepared for all weather conditions. In the event of cancellations, we will endeavour to contact clients asap using the details provided. 

Due to the nature of our rewild(ing) workshops, we reserve the right to alter tour routes and meeting places at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control and will endeavour to contact clients asap using the details provided.

Liability: MiMer maintains up to date and dynamic risk assessments for all activities. However, clients agree to participate at their own risk and are responsible for their own health and safety, including provision of suitable prescriptions for medical conditions.

We as workshop/training/seminar providers are not liable for any accidents, loss or damages incurred by horses, dogs, or other animals, the environment, theft, fire, or other events inflicted to participants, attending horses or visitors, unless damages occur due to gross negligence on our parts. In addition, MiMer does not accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to personal property or effects.

Locations: When a workshop/training/seminar is to be held in external locations, costs for travel food and accommodations are not included in the price, unless otherwise stated.

General conditions for cancellations apply for all locations.

Confidentiality: All of our workshop/training/seminar and data provided by participants are confidential. We are GDPR compliant and no provided information will be shared with others. All data is kept securely and you can also at any time ask to have all the information we have stored on you removed. Please see our GDPR/Integrity Policy for more details. 


Coaching, mentoring, consultancy, supervision. 

Cancellations of booked sessions needs to be done 48 hours before the session is scheduled to start. If not cancelled in due time, full payment is expected. 


Hosting MiMer events

As a host of a MiMer event, hosting and/or organizing a MiMer workshop/training/seminar in a, to MiMer external location (not a MiMer Centre facility), costs for the MiMer trainer’s travels and accommodations will be billed.

Hosting us comes with benefits. Contact us for further information on hour hosting policies.


Swedish law is applicable, court is Lunds Tingsrätt. If any parts of this contract should contain errors, all other parts are still valid.

Katarina Lundgren, Torna Hällestad, Sweden 18.10.01 (updated 18.02.23)