MiMer trainersMiMer – Equine-Human Education and Research Center – is an international non-profit organization dedicated to research and education in all fields of equine-human interaction. We believe that information and knowledge is the key to improving welfare for both horses and humans in all areas of life where horses and humans interact. Through our own scientific studies in equine behavior and horse-human interactions and by utilizing existing research in all fields of equitation, animal behavior, neurobiology, cognitive science, psychology, ethology, and animal-human interactions, we create experiential educations, (trainings, workshops, seminars etc.) and educational materials for individuals interested in horses, horse behavior, horse-human interactions, and equine assisted activities, therapies, and learning. We hold high standards for the material we generate and rely exclusively on existing and emerging research in combination with proven and established best practice in this field.

Our goal is to help people understand the fundamentals of horses, humans, and horse-human interactions in order to apply this knowledge in their fields and improve outcomes through proper application of these scientific principles.

We do not teach a “method” and instead create materials for our audiences that allow them to incorporate and apply this knowledge into their existing or future practice. Our educational opportunities guide participants through the science and practices, create dynamic discussions, and allow for creative approaches for applying this knowledge to each individual’s unique goals, and thereby help them build sustainable businesses or organizations working in all diverse areas of equine assisted interventions and activities.

The validity and importance of our material is recognized by a growing number of credentialing associations including the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl. - https://www.pathintl.org) and the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association (WMHCA) through which participants can receive continuing education credits for taking MiMer courses. We are seeking further accreditation and validation and are currently going through several such processes, since it is very important to us to offer high quality content to all our participants, in all our educational services.

Each of us on the MiMer team has extensive international experiences with horses and their welfare, ranging from trainers and instructors to facilitators in equine assisted coaching and learning, therapeutic riding, and equine professionals in mental health. Our team includes instructors in trauma sensitive mindfulness and yoga (with and without horses), managers and educators in equine welfare, as well as horse experts in horse management and handling in a variety of settings and combinations. We are also trained and have extensive experience working with nature-based interventions.

We have a number of researchers on staff who continue to collect data on all kinds of horses and horse-human interactions and we have collaborative networks with research centers, universities, national parks, and working rescue and equine-assisted therapy centers around the world.