Marta SikorskaMarta Sikorska (Pasikonie, Poland)

Marta is a former member of the board in MiMer (2020-2023). 

Marta is a modality independent Equine Assisted Learning facilitator, a long time advocate for equine welfare and ethics in equine assisted activities. Marta has over 20 years of experience as teacher and educator and her work now is dedicated to developing education programmes for EAL practitioners and facilitators that are informed as far as equine ethics, welfare and also horse and human trauma.

Her path with horses started unexpectedly after her totally non-horsey family acquired an ex-racing arabian stallion. She’s been living with a small herd of horses since then, learning and growing both as a horsewoman and a human being. Having tried to understand the horse world as an adult she tried many traditional ways of interacting with horses. Her numerous disappointments and unrelenting fascination with horses pushed her to redefine concepts like leadership, freedom and partnership to get to have life with horses. She neither rides nor trains horses.

Marta is also a mediator working in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) approach. Due to her strong connection to children and dedication to her role as a parent she mostly counsels parents, couples, families and teachers. Marta offers supervision to EAL facilitators and practitioners.

She believes in combining horse and human welfare education thus creating a lens of understanding, cooperation and exchange between the two species. She’s created a NGO dedicated to promoting this very idea ( She loves to teach restoration and stress relief together with horses. She’s a great enthusiast of somatic approach to healing and growth.

Marta works in Polish and English.