Katarina Felicia Lundgren

Katarina Lundgren MA student (Sweden)

Katarina is the Chair of Board in MiMer and the Director of MiMer Centre.  

Katarina is working on her Master's in Cognitive Science at Lund University and has a BA in Language and Literature and another BA in The History of Ideas and Science and Philosophy. She has a 1-year education from Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) in Entrepreneurship in the Countryside/Animal Science. She is also currently doing a Master’s in Psychotherapy with the Metanoia Institute in London, UK. And a preparatory 1-year Art School Education.

She has extensive training in the EAGALA model and is certified in Applied Equine Zooanthropology through Learning Animals. She has taken various other trainings pertaining to equine assisted and nature assisted interventions, horses and their needs and behaviors, psychology, trauma, mindfulness, arts and expressive arts. She is a strong advocate for science-based and model-independent educations. Her main passions are horses and humans – communication and interaction – behavior and language – psychology and cognition – in all kinds of combinations, as well as trauma informed/sensitive and trauma focused care and understanding.

She has owned and managed a farm with a livery yard, riding school/educational center and a business offering hospitality, nature, and horse tourism packages for more than 15 years. For the last 10 years, she has worked with helping people grow and develop with the help of horses and nature and educated about equine welfare. She is currently involved in establishing equine assisted psychotherapy/traumatherapy, other equine assisted interventions/activities and nature-based interventions/activities in different European countries. She travels internationally and gives trainings, workshops, seminars, supervision and writes about equine-human interaction, equine welfare, equine behavior, equine ethics, and equines in therapy and learning programs, as well as human trauma and trauma responses and consequences.

Katarina has a past in the business world as a marketing coordinator, information and communication specialist, educator, project leader and writer/journalist. Besides running MiMer Centre, she runs her own business, Live the Change: www.livethechange.se

As a growth facilitator, psychotherapist in training, trainer, trauma sensitive mindfulness (TSM) instructor and strong advocate for collaborations and teamwork, she always focuses on maintaining awareness of differing perceptions, biases, and the importance of perspective-taking. It is her firm belief that it is in dialogue and through collaborations we grow, not through competing with each other.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

(African proverb)

Contact Katarina at:
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+46 768 95 98 68