Native Eriskay ponies at the Island of Uist (neighbouring Eriskay).

What is Rewilding?

Humans are an encultured species. When we have “time over” from pure survival and practical things to do, we rest from it, we enrich ourselves, we challenge ourselves, we share with each other – etc – by engaging in cultural activities, by innovating together, by progressing, developing, creating, entertaining.... And the more advanced we get, the more we seem to forget the simple pleasures – and our actual need – of being connected to nature, to earth, to a bigger context. In our drive to develop and create, and in disconnection from nature (at large) – we also become destructive on a larger scale, as a species, as well as individuals. 

Bio-psycho-social. A psychological term/model – meaning our biology, is as important as our psychology and as our social (in a wider context – relatable) environment.

Re-wilding is a trend, an idea, perhaps a need even, to turn the tides, to re-connect with the less uncultured sides of ourselves as humans. Of becoming wilder. Of nurturing our wilder sides. And of course, of supporting nature and other animals.


3 Different Strands of Rewilding

These are 3 different strands of the Rewilding movement – and people and organizations often focus on one or sometimes two of these.

Rewilding Nature

Some focus on rewilding nature around us. To help nature, to help the other animals that are not us, to survive, despite us and our developing, building – that often appropriates other animals’ space.

Rewilding Animals

Some of us focus on rewilding animals. Finding ways to also bring animals raised with humans, or at some point captured, or saved/rescued – back into the wild.

Rewilding people

Other of us focus on rewilding people, in different ways.

All of these rewilding aspects are important. They overlap, often go hand in hand with each other.

In MiMer we promote all of them as important and worthy of our attention, interest, energy etc. We keep on being a “bridging” organization. Meaning we often take on the responsibility to bridge between organizations, between disciplines, between ideas and perspectives, between goals, between people and cultures, between species, between science and practice, between nature and culture...


MiMer’s Focus in Rewilding

We focus mainly on rewilding horses and their environment. And people. So hence the title on this page.

Following this – we offer our course called “Rewild Your Heart” – often in combination with Nature or Equine Assisted Mindfulness, sometimes also in combination with “Rewild Your Horse” and/or its environment. It isn’t easy to make clear cuts here for us – as these topics belong together and affect each other. But our courses often have a specific angle, coming at this topic of rewilding from one or two perspectives we put in the center for that course or workshop.

Check the left menu here to see what we offer right now. Come back regularly – we keep on adding courses (online and in person), workshops, and other events to our offerings and services.

And for you who wants to discuss Rewilding, Nature Assisted Mindfulness, Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy – from all kinds of perspectives – join us in our online discussion and book club!

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