Horse's LandMindfulness, Meditation and Yoga in Nature with Horses

Weekend workshop: MiMer at Horse’s Land, Civita d’Antino, Italy – 8-9 May 2021.

Welcome to a mindfulness workshop in nature, together with horses who themselves live in the only moment we really can be and make decisions in - in the” HERE & NOW”.

Practicing being consciously present sharpens your awareness, attention, and concentration. Research shows that the better your ability to be present in the moment, the more happy, content, and empowered you will feel. This workshop will give you an excellent start to your new way of being present in your own life and a good set of tools to maintain your new practices with once you have returned home. It is open to as well as beginners and experts on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga since we all work, progress, and process at our own pace.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Through yoga and mindfulness, we create an awareness of our body, our thoughts, and our feelings – and how they are connected to each other, to be able to be in the “here and now” – in balance. Being in the here and now will allow you to find ways to adapt, grow, and make positive changes in your life. The advantage of the group and workshop format is that we learn from and can support each other.

Equine Assisted Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

EAM includes mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices done in the presence of and in interaction with horses. Horses can enhance the experience by each of them being themselves, living in the "here and now" to a greater extent than we humans. do while simultaneously t They are inherently and naturally non-judgmental and accepting of each of us humans – as we are. The EAM sessions are done in a large pasture together with the herd of free-roaming horses. Horses are excellent at sensing humans and their emotions, whether they are present in the moment and congruent with themselves. The horses are with us to help us be more present in the here and now – and to help us open up and explore the shifts and changes we want to make in our lives. To take responsibility for them and to make them happen. All by becoming more aware of ourselves and the choices we make.

This workshop invites you to practice basic yoga, meditation, and mindfulness – outdoors in beautiful and peaceful nature – together with us and the horses at Horse’s Land. All our practices are trauma-sensitive and include basic practices of grounding and stabilization techniques.


Katarina Lundgren. Katarina is the founder and a team-member of MiMer, a small independent education, research, and treatment center. Katarina is a Cognitive Scientist, Equine Professional and a Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor with equine welfare, horse-human interaction, horse assisted coaching and psychotherapy as her specialty.

Sonja Lairila. Sonja is a team-member and member of the board of MiMer. She is a Trauma-Informed Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga instructor, and her passion for movement and mindfulness reaches over to the equine world as well. She has developed mindful movement experiences and connected them to the relationships/interactions with horses. She believes in the power of just being and observing, as well as moving together with other beings in order to understand, both ourselves and our equine partners better.

Kate Causbie. Kate is a team-member and member of the board of MiMer. She is a Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and Yoga instructor and a birth doula. She integrates ecopsychology and other forms of social psychology in all her emotional support work.


The retreat is organized by MiMer and is held at Horse’s Land, in Civita d’Antino, AQ, Italy. You’ll be staying at either the agriturismo Il nido del Picchio Rosso or Casa Maciocia B & B, or one of the other smaller accommodations in the surrounding area. You will be served delicious energy-giving organic and vegan food at meals.

Chose if you want to pay for the whole package (the workshop, including accommodation, dinner, lunch, snacks, and breakfast), or only the workshop and lunch and snacks.

Price per person – Full package: 400 Euro

Included in the price is:

2 Nights (Friday and Saturday)
2 Lunches (Saturday and Sunday)
1 Dinner (Saturday)
2 Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday)
Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Fruit & Snacks

Price per person – Workshop + Lunch and snacks: 300 Euro

There is no riding involved and no previous knowledge of horses is required. All activities are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, we all do and move at our own pace.

The workshop is held in English, but there are English translators present who will help everyone understand and follow what is talked about and worked with.

Dates: 10-11 October 2020
Group size: 10–15

Book your spot via our online registration form. If you have any questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our Italian Program Director, Francesca Gatti at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The last date to sign up is September 1st, 2020.


Saturday Day 1

09.00 Welcome and introduction
09.30-11.30 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation
12.00 Lunch
Tea, coffee, fruit and snacks with time to pause and reflect
14.00-16.00 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation with horses
Smoothie, Time to pause and reflect
17.00-19.00 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation with horses
Time to pause and reflect
20.00 Dinner
21.00 Meditation/relaxation

Sunday Day 2

07.00-08.30 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation
08.30 Breakfast
10.00-12.00 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation with horses
Tea, coffee, fruit and snacks with time to pause and reflect
12.00 Lunch
13.00-15.00 Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation with horses
15.00-16.00 Smoothie, mediation, and a concluding group reflection

Warmly welcome!

Katarina, Sonja, Kate & Francesca

EAM at Horse's Land in Italy