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A company, organization or management is the sum of its employees. In successful organizations, employees’ wellbeing is considered a high priority. Organizations that want to remain successful or want to reverse poor development and become successful, must invest in their employees.

Investing in employees can be done in many different ways. How we can help your organization at MiMer? We help you to develop individuals and groups by allowing them to grow (read more under Corporate Development) and helping them to understand their own stress and rehabilitate those who are already under a lot of stress.

Stress Management

We offer both preventive and treatment stress management for individuals and groups.

In the fast-spinning world, there are more and more people who do not feel well in the high pace society due to lack of recovery and feelings of being unable to influence their situation.

Sometimes stress is about the fact that you as an individual do not have the right conditions or tools to handle stress, or you find yourself in a wrong place in an organization, have unsatisfying/unfitting tasks, or too little or too much responsibility. On the other hand, stress can be caused by the organization/part of the organization itself due to an unhealthy working environment that does not suit the individual. There can be groups within the organization where dynamics are not working well, where there are not enough resources to complete all tasks, and so on. In other words, stress can be a result of many different aspects that may occur in different situations.

“What is what?” can be a difficult question to answer when being in a stressful situation. However, it is important to find out where the problem is, to fix it and invest in prevention for the future.

We can help affected individuals through mindfulness exercises, mind training, and self-esteem training out in nature and with horses. The individual will have the opportunity to learn how to relax, recognize the body’s stress signals, handle stress in everyday life and learn how to say no and set boundaries.

Also, we can help groups and individuals in organizations to understand what it is that triggers stress, how to prevent it, how to help each other, and how to change negative spirals to positive.

We offer both recurring sessions and 6- or 8-hour one day sessions.

Interview prior to the session to understand your needs and a follow-up afterward are always included.


We offer rehabilitation for individuals who are on a sick-leave because of stress-related illnesses. Finding your way back to working life after living and working for too long under stress, requires insight of the individual about his/her own limitations but also an understanding of what it was and how to be in situations in the future that trigger stress-related symptoms.

Much of it is about finding balance and a way forward that suits the individual.

Here at MiMer, we practice self-knowledge, boundaries, and find tools for managing stress, and insight into what it is in the world around each individual that interacts with the individual’s way of being.


Contact for more information on how we work with stress management and rehabilitation: Katarina Felicia Lundgren, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 (0)46-532 43, +46 (0)768-95 98 68