Module 3:2 is an accreditation path that is for everyone who wants to learn more about Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care and how to facilitate it. It contains deepened information about  trauma and dissociation and how one can facilitate stabilization (grounding) and resourcing in different ways (e.g. MiMer’s own TS-EAM program – Trauma Sensitive Equine Assisted Mindfulness). It also goes through nature assisted work/ecotherapy, expressive arts and how these can be integrated in EATIC work. Module 3 takes you further into the theory of experiential learning and mindfulness and dissociation.

Module 3:2 is an online training. And Module 3:2 contain both EiT/L Level 2 and 3 (MiMer’s former training system) + new material.

A Beta version of Module 3 is currently running. A fully complete and evaluated Module 3:2 will be accessible in January 2024 and will be open to anyone who has taken Module 1 and 2 of Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy – with a psychodynamic approach (pEATT)/Equine Assisted Trauma Informed Care (EATIC)..