For those of you who are licensed clinicians in Traumatherapy and possess a valid EMDR certification or those of you who are Equine Professionals and wish to delve deeper into Traumatherapy can pursue a pEATT certification – the model that adheres to the clinical guidelines set forth and governed by licensing boards, the model that has been researched and proven to be effective in the work with people suffering from (complex) PTS(d).

Module 3:1 dives further into trauma work and focuses on various trauma confrontation techniques (e.g. EMDR) while also looking at what is necessary for the Equine Profession to become an Equine Behavioral Specialist.

Module 3:1 is an online training. It will be available for sing-ups later in 2023. You will need to have taken Module 1 and 2 of Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy – with a psychodynamic approach (pEATT) first.