Module 2 is a Practical – In-Person training. A 4-day skillset training, to practice all that has been learned in Module 1, expanding it by focusing on resource activation, resource strengthening skills and overall stabilization skills as well as looking at what one “brings to the session”. We will also keep on practicing horse observations and to help turn theoretical knowledge about horses into practically useful skillsets. Since equine assisted interventions of any kind are experiential interventions, a practical part where learned material is tried out and experienced is necessary.

Module 2 can be offered anywhere where there are at least 16 students who have taken Module 1, and someone interested in hosting it. Of course, we also offer Module 2 at our own respective facilities, as well as our close collaborations facilities.

Dates and places for module 2 will be published here, under Calendar 2023 and on MiMer School on Teachable - our Learning Platform where all sign-ups for our courses are done.