Does it sounds like it is a course only for therapist? But it is not. It is a fundamental course for anyone who wants to learn the basics of working trauma informed in an equine assisted service. And it is equally much for the mental health provider, social worker, teacher, coach, mindfulness instructor (the person on the human side) as it is for the horse person, the equine professional, who during this first course will start to grow into being an equine behavioral specialist.

pEATT consists of 3 parts. You need to take them in order. They are all fully online. While the active course period for each part is 4 weeks, there is no deadline to your access to the course material.

pEATT 1:1 is a self-paced, self-study course. It contains what we believe is necessary for anybody working in our field, even though it is presented from a psychodynamic perspective, it does pertain to all equine assisted trauma informed care. Throughout the course, there are invitations to self-reflect and collect your own impressions and share those with your fellow students on discussion boards, and they will also be important later on in the next parts and modules, when there are zoom calls and homework to do.

This first part contains the basis both on teamwork, observational skills, neutral language, horse behavior and horse welfare, basic trauma knowledge, the importance of self-awareness, session structure, what the horse adds to sessions, etc. What you learn in this first part will be built and expanded on later.

Cost: 460,- €

pEATT 1:2 builds on Part 1 in that we focus on the essentials in equine assisted traumatherapy with a psychodynamic approach – using all the elements that are necessary to know and that you started to learn about in part 1, e.g., how to structure sessions, what to look for to ensure a safe environment for all: clients - horses - and team members. We also look at combat related Posttraumatic Stress ("dis"-order) and give you a look at the military structure - its elements and building blocks. We have included typical signs and symptoms of PTS(d) as well as a first look at complex PTS(d). All the while focusing on the horse, slowly but surely increasing your view to be able to see what the horse, as equal team member with respect for his/her differences, actually contributes to sessions. In this second part, you will also interact more with us: after an initial zoom meeting to clarify and answer your remaining questions from Part 1, we will meet again at the end of Part 2 to ensure that what has been presented has been understood. You have the option to leave your comments and questions on the discussion board or to send them to us directly: instead of answering them throughout, we will collect your questions and address them at the end of the course in the scheduled zoom meeting.

Cost: 460,- €

pEATT 1:3 then moves into the direct application of what you have learned: we build on what has been presented by looking in more depth at various case examples, analyzing them step by step while addressing not only the "work process" but also factors that influence the entire team. In this section, we will be present and involved, to ensure that what has been presented is really understood. We encourage you to engage on the discussion board - with each other. We encourage you to take this offer and really work with the material we are presenting. Self-reflections are part of insight-oriented work. No matter if you, the mental health professional, come from a different approach and/or have learned to process things differently, if you are not a mental health professional, or you come from the equine world: being self-aware in a setting where horses are responsive to all ensures quality care regarding ethical practices. We can only invite you - whether you take us up on it is up to you. Cost: 460,- €

We have structured this course to closely match our in-person/live trainings. Meaning that we did our best to liven it up. Instead of simply watching us present, we engaged more in a conversation with each other, at times discussing topics, at times questioning each other. We tried to cover as many potential questions that may come up for someone who is completely new to this field, but also put great effort into making it interesting for those of you who have worked many years in EAP/L.

Cost: 460,- €

Bundle price for all 3 parts in Module 1: 1242,- € (giving you a bundle discount of 10%)

If you have previously attended Part 1, or Part 1 and Part 2 of pEATT or MiMer Centre's EiT/L Level 1 and 2, please contact us for a 25% or 50% discount coupon.

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