Compendium 2019

Compendium2019Compendium 2019 is available for purchase at Amazon.

The 2019 compendium is a collection of articles from the 3rd International Symposium for Equine Welfare and Wellness. The book contains articles from the speakers of the 2019 symposium from different perspectives and areas of study in equine sciences and equine-assisted interventions.

Compendium 2018


horseisahorse2018Compendium 2018 is now available at Amazon!

The new compendium contains articles from the 2nd International Symposium for Equine Welfare and Wellness. As in the previous year, the compendium consists of articles from the Symposium's speakers' and a few other known contributors from different perspectives and areas of study in equine sciences and equine assisted interventions.


Compendium 2017

A Horse is a Horse of Course Part 1 CoverA Horse is a Horse of Course Part 2 CoverCompendium Part 1 & Compendium Part 2 are now available for purchase at Amazon, and several other resellers, as paperback and/or Kindle version

Both volumes contain articles from the speakers' presentations from the 1st International 2017 symposium, as well as a variety of other internationally known and experienced contributors from a wide range of different organizations, models and research areas within the field of equine science and equine assisted therapies and activities.








Since the first Symposium „A Horse is a Horse, of Course!?“ took place in 2017, a total of 2650 € have been generated through sales of the compendium as well as leftover proceeds from the Symposiums. So far, over 450 books have been sold! All funds are distributed to and managed by MiMer, a non-profit organization, with the understanding that generated funds, are only distributed and used for future research according to a (still to be developed) research design. Once € 10.000,- have been reached, efforts will be put into developing an international study design that will further advance our field of the welfare and well-being of Equines in as well as the effectiveness of Equine Interactive programs. Providers who are willing to participate in this research can then, if qualified, apply for grants from MiMer. If you want to support this cause, please invest in one or more of the compendiums, attend the symposiums and/or submit an abstract for either presenting in the future or being published in one of the future compendiums. Throughout it all, we will keep you updated on generated funds as well as current developments.